Small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs today are not physically meet for lack of time and to save costs. Thanks to new technologies several applications and programs help these meetings can be via the Internet.

Newest Technology for Your Business

Tango is an app in which it allows a completely free video chat. It provides for the possibility of sending and receiving messages and photos, individually or in groups of ACE 2014, and directly make a video call.

In addition, it allows calls to national or international, and all are free. The app is available for all devices for both Android or iPhone Smartphone and tablet system.

Skype: it is the quintessential program to talk free from the computer. However, over the years it has increased its presence and is available for mobile devices, tablets, etc. also it allows group calls and chat. Free to download from any instrument.

Hangouts: is an application created by Google consisting of individual interactive conversations or group of up to 10 people. It allows sharing photos and messages with emoticons.

It allows resume talks when desired and jumps alerts when someone started a conversation. It also allows moving from a written to a video call for free discussion. Now available on Google Play, iTunes App Store and from Gmail account on the PC.

Rounds video: it is a free mobile phones to share all type of information to the caller. You can play, take pictures, send, watch videos, etc. while the video call is made.

FaceTime is a feature that comes default on the iPhone, without having to set up an individual account. Its operation is simple, simply invite the contact, it will receive the call as normal and as accepted, start the video call. It is free and is available only on iPhone.

The line is one of the star applications downloads. Allows the exchange of instant messages with emoticons, voice calls free video calls now. It is available for iPhone and Android.

Webex meeting is a program with a very focused business use. You can organize meetings and to control equipment remotely. It offers different solutions for companies, such as training courses, solving technical problems, events, etc.

The basic service is free, and the rest varies depending on the performance between ACE 2014. Valid for computer, smartphone or tablet, and you only need an internet connection.

Toomeeting: a computer program focused on business meetings. It allows the realization of professional videoconferencing to have business meetings, shopping, online events, distance learning, etc.Ofrece the possibility of renting the service, purchase, or acquire bonds few particular moments.

Computer Entertainment Technology Conference

Computer_industry_entrepreneur_workshopIn the seventeenth Conference of ISAAC. San Sebastián company Irisbond present this next week its new technological development that allows control of your computer and mobile devices look at the Biannual Conference of the ISAAC to be held in Toronto (Canada) from 8 to 11 August.

Also, according to the Basque company, will present a new model of the device for controlling the computer with the smallest movement of the eyes and robust, with an auxiliary software that improves access and learning.

This technology, launched the national and international markets in 2013, is an autonomous communication allowing more than 500 affected by various disabilities (ALS, cerebral palsy, etc.) in several countries.

As indicated by Eduardo Jauregui, founder, and CEO of Irisbond, “we turn very excited about this new appointment with the community working to facilitate an autonomous communication to those who need it.

  • We have improved our newest device for computer and an advanced version control mobile devices, research included in the Challenges Program (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) in which we are working together with Vicomtech-IK4.
  • The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and undoubtedly will powerfully call the attention of those attending this international meeting in Toronto. “
  • Our goal is to improve the communication of adults and children with complex communication needs.
  • The organization has branches in 14 countries, and its members are users of these technologies and their families, health professionals (doctors, speech therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists), researchers, companies, etc.
  • Irisbond already participated in the previous ISAAC Conference (Lisbon, 2014) and had been present at the last Congress of the AELFA (Spanish Association of Speech Therapy, Phoniatrics, and Audiology), held in Bilbao the early days of last July.

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