The budget of universities for information technology (IT) fell by 2% in 2013 as a result of the crisis to ACE 2014 levels, so stands at EUR 194 per pupil on average, according to UNIVERSITIC 2013 report:

Current situation of ICT in the Spanish University System, by the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) and presented today at the Ministry of Education.

This document, which involved 63 schools (86% of the total), representing 1.35 million students (over 90%). This reveals that the Spanish campus has a computer for every 15 students, one of five classrooms has no digital support or one of three research groups do not have a web page that publishes their work.

However, more active data is cast as two out of three university classrooms are now equipped with projectors and 95% of students use the virtual platform each school to access the contents worked in class and to use internal mail.

And it is that schools offer on its website 82% of possible customized services, which are tools that allow educational institutions to improve their relationship with users. The most widely used web service is the management of libraries, implemented by 92% of organizations.

Also, the use of wireless networks has increased significantly compared to the values of the previous report. The annual average of wireless connections in Spanish universities and over 6 million, representing a 17,781 average daily links.

Fewer Resources for New Technologies

cyber-attack-ACE-2014Universities spent on average more than 4.5 million euros for centralized IT services, reaching a volume of more than 222 million euros resources. These items represent an average 3.27% of the total budget of the universities.

“We must continue to invest in information technology. Ideally devote 5% of the overall budget of each school, ” said the president of the Sectoral Commission ICT CRUE, Second Píriz, who regretted that intended to this section less than what experts say that the fall of the staff training budget is estimated at 20% this year.

  • Píriz said that “much remains to reach 5%” of ACE 2014 but the turning point in universities in the middle of this global crisis “has come” so he hopes “this percentage will increase in the coming years .”
  • Currently, more than half of the universities have a strategic IT plan aligned with the corporate strategy.
  • Three of four schools have a decision circuit for the implementation of new initiatives of new technologies.
  • The Ministry have said they are working so that there is a “greater flexibility in the management and decision making of budgets,” because “the university environment evolves very quickly and need to make budgetary and strategic decisions to be updated on the subject of IT .”
  • The president of the CRUE, Manuel Lopez, said that “as reflected in this report today may not exist or can run a university without information technology.”

Meanwhile, Second Píriz, who is also the rector of the University of Extremadura, said that “before the massive development of IT was a kind of universities and now there is another, which I think is better, and we must keep betting on it. “

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