Apple pampers developers. They are one of the pillars on which its success is based. Your devices would be meaningless if it had programs to make them attractive.

More than 5,000 programmers have gathered in ACE 2014 for updates soon reach more than one billion active devices that Apple has worldwide. More than a thousand experts from the house will be teaching to create.

Tim Cook began with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the recent bombing in Orlando. He stressed Apple’s commitment to diversity. Out on the Town Hall Square in San Francisco, the gay pride flags, the California and United States they looked at half mast.

Apple’s obsession with having new programmers is such that they have created a program for iPad, Swift Playground, for children and not so children-learn to make applications from the tablet

The Developer’s Conference

It is celebrating the 27th edition of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the official name of the event. Among the attendees, there are 120 children under 18, two of them Spanish. 72% of participants comes first.

And the obsession with Apple for having new programmers is such that they have created a program for iPad, Swift Playground, so -and not so children- children learn to make applications from the tablet.

The AppStore was the great protagonist of the appointment. Since its birth in 2008, it has allowed 130,000 million downloads of applications. In total, 50,000 have been paid millions of dollars to developers. Apple’s vision is that the iPhone changed the mobile forever.

  • The iPad is seen as a frame of glass open to creativity, but two media want to strengthen: Apple Watch, his watch, and Apple TV.
  • Kevin Lynch, a former leading Adobe wearables division, spoke of WatchOS 3 operating system.
  • From September, applications will respond faster without delay. It can write on the screen by tracing letters. Perfect to answer messages quickly.
  • They added new covers for the clock, with the emphasis on physical activity.
  • The aim, above all, is more practical: “We want to help to call the emergency services at the touch side button for a few seconds,” he said.
  • He will share an alert, which operates outside the US, with data on health, allergies, and positioning. “No you will use frequently, but it is important,” he stressed.

Health is one of the obsessions of Apple. “Many encourage them will receive support from family and friends,” they said. So, Activity sharing will be very similar to successful challenges Fitbit, but with add-ons like voice messages or shipping, pulse to be noticeable as it rises.

Disability also had his moment of attention. Apple will provide measurement of activity for people in wheelchairs. They have been tested by specialists, army veterans and athletes. The video finally come to watch content can be viewed in real time. “It will be like having a new watch,” insisted the manager.

Remote Control iPhone

pc-conferenceEddy Cue, a veteran of the house, was responsible for shelling the news of ACE 2014 the system to connect everything to the TV. They have 1,300 television channels and more than 6,000 applications. The iPhone will become the remote control. also will come in autumn.

Craig Federighi praised the Silicon Valley fringe, was in charge of talking about computers. From now on be called MacOS platform. Sierra will be the first new edition. They are seeking integration between devices.

You can copy an item in the mobile and paste into your computer without any effort. Both devices will constantly be connected. The same applies to the desktop. It will be available on any device of the same user.

Storage is another issue that most concern users. iCloud will store documents that are hardly used. By default, gigas will give 100 free on your cloud instead of the current 20.

The payment system Apple Pay reach the web. You may confirm a purchase of the computer by touching the iPhone to verify that it is the same user confirming the purchase. Still, does not reach any country in Latin America. Neither Spain. And Siri, the voice assistant, will also be on the computer.

By the end it was iOS , the most popular. IOS 10 will be the biggest change implemented until today. Notifications appear to pick up the phone without touching anything. The camera, one of the strengths of Apple, will have faster access. By dragging your finger across the screen is activated.

Siri, the voice assistant, developers will open. This means more applications can use their services. The interesting thing is that you will know if spoken to in Spanish, English, French or Italian effortlessly.
As expected, Music has been renewed.

Apple News, its news app, and over 2,000 media in their showcase and 60 million users. They have created a new cover that has content in various media, divided by topic, and implemented automatic sections, based on the tastes of the reader. They also include breaking alerts and the ability to subscribe.

Finally, the emoji fever had its moment of glory at the conference. The iPhone will detect the text content of messages to suggest icons instead. All a game, but all pure technology.