The big news of ACE 2014 was the announcement that the PC would hold a conference for him alone, sponsored by AMD and PC Gamer magazine. This meeting with our computers we will have the next day on June 16, under the name PC Gaming Show and presented by Sean Plott (Day [9]).

Among the companies that have their place in this conference is the AMD itself, and other renowned as Blizzard, Paradox, Humble Bundle or Bohemia. But, what this new space is that? Why an exclusive conference for PC?

PC Gaming Show has been organized thanks to the efforts of AMD and PC Gamer magazine. It will be held after the official conference, and we know exactly what we have prepared. Most likely it is that the major players at the moment are the devices, peripherals, and accessories that enhance our equipment.

Especially, as far as graphics cards are concerned. Nvidia is hogging too much market, and smaller companies need to get ground as.

Breaking Tradition

ACE 2014 has always been one of the most important events of the video game industry. However, until now it has always been focused on the world of consoles with the giants that pose Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

  • The idea had always been the same: Show new consoles, which have exclusive games each and what new games were in development.
  • As for the PC, always he remained in the background, forgotten, with a small sample, an advertisement, by a development team whose name did not seem as important as that of Sony and its rivals.
  • In the end, computer users had to be more attentive to other events featuring the PC, as GamesCom, and let the E3 for consoleros.
  • But in 2015, this has changed, and here we have this PC Gaming Show. Why? As already mentioned, one of the companies participating in the conference will be Blizzard.
  • It is precisely here that we find the track, the key to this meeting. For what is Blizzard news for us?

Mainly three: ‘ Overwatch ‘, ‘ Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void ‘ and, of course, ‘ Heroes of the Storm .’ To all this we must add that at the end of the year we shall witness the Blizzcon. Do you is not one word comes to mind? For me yes: eSports.

We have already said many times that sounds more repetitive. The eSports are growing at a frantic pace and are reaching benefits that are not normal The popularity of electronic sports and competitions shooters and MOBAs do nothing but focus attention on computers because this type of game does not live in the same way a console on a good PC.

What have you got for me?

Removing the three titles of Blizzard and devices and accessories that AMD will show us what more could see on this PC Gaming Show? It is impossible not to mention Square Enix, who probably are going to leave us to poke his nose into some new ‘ Final Fantasy ‘ online for PC.

Meanwhile, Cliff Bleszinski could show some ‘ BlueStreak ‘, the Free 2 Play shooter science fiction in which Boss Key and Nexon work.

Bohemia Interactive will be one of the official sponsors of the exhibition of PC Gaming Show, and could teach something new for ‘ DayZ ‘ or ‘ Gun ‘. And they said from his Facebook page we better have our democratic agendas for the 16th but have given no clue. It must be attentive to what we were going to show.

Gamers for Gamers

On the website of PC Gaming Show own they say: “Computers gamers are in a golden age, with the most powerful and affordable than ever hardware, and thousands of games available on Steam, Origin, and other platforms, also to millions of viewers in the esports .”

It has permitted the PC reaches the E3 is a big step that demonstrates the superiority that begins to have regarding consoles, but it is also a very positive point to end the monopoly.

Because we have not a PC company that owns everything. It is not a PlayStation or Xbox. A computer can be composed of many elements, and each of them may come from a different manufacturer.

To all the hardware we add the games. The PC is, above all, the cradle of the Indies. Of the indies, the Free 2 Play, shooters, electronic sports … The PC is a gigantic world an unlimited open space with many possibilities.

But if there is something that makes it stand out to most PC companies regarding consoles, is an ideal: “De gamers, for gamers.” Thus we have devices and peripherals that focus primarily on our comfort and our experience in the game.

The same goes for the developers and the importance they give to the opinion of the community (at least in most cases).

Naturally, PC Gaming Show will be broadcast live on Twitch, so we can all be aware of the innovations that can introduce what, in itself, is a novelty. There is no doubt that some famous names we are missing between the participants of this first conference PC. I like to see Valve or Riot here. But let’s focus on what lies ahead.

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