server room ACE-2014Microsoft gained prominence in in Ace 2014 and will be present at the show twice. In addition to having its conference, the company has confirmed to be present during the private PC meeting to be held during the morning from 16 to 17 June from 2:00 pm (Spanish mainland time) and will be the first event of this kind in the history of E3.

In this way, Microsoft joins the conference organized by PC Gamer and AMD to present the new benefits of Windows 10. The charge of directing this presentation will be the very Phil Spencer, so hopefully also gain prominence the compativilidad the Xbox One operating system in the event.

Computer Systems and the New Technology

So, you may know a little better how to work the crossover game between 11th Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology Conference with the arrival of Windows 10 on both devices. And you can even see a new show HoloLens, augmented reality glasses from Microsoft.

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  • And it is that it is microscopic for the opening of the fair most important game of the year.
  • Last year, the E3 had a representation of the video game industry for PC in a way that never before had.
  • However, his proposal was put into the very dangerous scene.

piano ACE-2014Bad times, too much time and too ambiguous. This year, AMD has promised that all this will improve and will do a conference to use for gamers.

We can continue this afternoon, when finished Microsoft, from 20:00 CET Spanish through YouTube Gaming, Twitch and the official website made available to PC Gamer and AMD for the occasion.

For this event, a conference is planned an hour and a half. 90 minutes are the same as asked Microsoft to show the world that the PC is much better than the consoles.

Despite modifications to this conference on last year, it seems that the noise they are doing is not much less, which should, especially at a time when the industry in which the PC is gaining more prominence and has the support of millions of players throughout the world.

I can not say if this is mainly because they are not doing this or that promotion, they are doing, is taking a bad way. Perhaps the lack of support from Third major parties that draw their PC games also helps too.

But surely you, even if you have a 486 milk are playing on PC, you’re up to this second attempt to give the PC the position it deserves in the video game world.

The Developers

In the Moscone Center in San Francisco and at 5,200 developers gathered for the World Desarrolladres Conference (WWDC) Steve Jobs has closed the stage Monday began to return to the address Apple more than a decade ago.

“During these years we will use the PC as the center of digital life, connecting it cameras and accessories. Now this model has lost its meaning because it requires having to synchronize a variety of devices continually,” he said.

“We will degrade your PC or Mac just one more device. The center of your digital life now be in the cloud, ” said Jobs. From now on the computer will be more than just a device will access a stored content and regularly updated in what has become known as “the cloud,” i.e., a set of services and storage that provides the Internet.

Online meeting ACE-2014iCloud is the name that Apple wants to introduce its services in the “cloud”. It is free but unlike other market, offerings will not be financed by advertising. Users will have 5GB of personal space to store documents and photos and email address “” it offered so far the company within payment service MobileMe.

With iCloud changes and new material created with any device will be automatically reflected in the other. For example, a photo taken with the iPhone will be available automatically on the iPad or the user ‘s computer without having to perform a manual synchronization. Books and purchased applications will also be automatically available on up to 10 different devices.

Ace 2014 has been extended to its most famous store, iTunes. All songs already purchased or bought from now on from your computer, phone or iPad automatically available in other devices.

iCloud and Love for Music

The songs taken from a CD or added manually may also be part of this new storage system in the cloud but through a service called iTunes Match will be available initially only in the US The price of iTunes Match will be $ 25 a year.

Amazon and Google have also begun to offer similar systems, although Apple notes that the tender is more expensive and requires the user to upload their songs to a server manually.

The presentation also served to advance some of the features of iOS 5, the new version of the operating system for Apple mobile devices and now use more than 200 million devices. The fifth revision will arrive this fall as a free upgrade for all users and will include a new improved notifications system.

IPhone notifications, intrusive and forced to interrupt a game or using an application, were so far one of the worst rated aspects of the operating system by users. The new regime will bring together all notifications of various services in one easily accessible screen from the top status bar as already happens in other mobile operating systems like Android or WebOS.

gore-classroom-ACE-2014IOS 5 will also with a complete integration of Twitter, the ability to synchronize the content and backups with the PC without USB cable and a new messaging system with similar features that can now be seen in the popular Whatsapp or Blackberry Messenger, including notices receiving and sending messages encrypted content.

Apple will also add an application to do lists able to associate tasks with geographic information. For example, it is possible the phone to remind us that we must buy bread or milk to pass near the supermarket, or we remember that we should call someone to leave the office.

A new application, Kiosk, also bring together all periodicals acquired from the mobile or tablet. Magazines and newspapers to which the user is subscribed will be updated automatically when new numbers available to detect and even change their icon with the new cover design they have.

IOS 5 will ship in fall, likely with a new version of the popular iPhone which traditionally announced during the developer conference. Rumors suggest that Apple will wait this year in early September to announce the new version, the date on which usually renew its family of iPod music players.

Steve Jobs- of cheap medical in Apple since last February and attended a presentation last March to present the iPad two also took the opening speech of the conference to present the new version of the OSX operating system, Lion, which will be released in June will. With 250 new features, many of them inspired by the operation of the iPad will be available only as a download Internet yaa a price of 25 euros.